Welcome to Muse From the 6: A Week on Toronto’s Art Scene

Muse From the 6 is a special week on Workshop highlighting the Toronto arts scene and in support of ArtHeart.

All this week, we’ll put the spotlight the artists who call Toronto, Ontario, home. Along with the stories, interviews, and music you’ll find on Workshop, Big Cartel will be supporting ArtHeart, a community organization helping people of all ages interested in art by providing supplies, accessible studio space, and healthy snacks. If you’re able to give or share with someone who might, we’d love to make this holiday season extra special for artists in Toronto.

The 6, a nickname coined by rapper Drake (who hails from Toronto), is said to represent the six boroughs that make up the city and its primary area code (416).

Andy Newman

Marketing at Big Cartel, writer, and dad of three. ✨

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