New Shop Indie: Wood Works

On any given night, Wisconsin weather permitting, you can probably find Nick Endle working in his garage workshop, crafting bottle openers, cutting boards, and more from planks of wood. He spends his days at Big Cartel, working with designers and developers to create store themes and integrations for his fellow shop owners. For this guide, Nick found a variety of beautiful products from his fellow woodworkers, perfect for serving, decorating, preparing, or giving.

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New integrations to ease your operations

Here at Big Cartel, we believe in helping people build shops that are simple, beautiful, and easy to use. But we know as your business grows, you might need more tools to better serve your customers. That’s why we made our API available: so you can easily integrate your store with great software and services, getting everything working together like a well-oiled machine.

Check out the latest integrations available to Big Cartel shop owners:


One of the challenges of running a shop is finding the cash to get your products made ahead of time. Printful offers on-demand merchandise printing and fulfillment services with no upfront costs, so you can avoid expensive merch orders and not worry about inventory.

Connect Printful with your shop and they’ll handle:

  • On-demand printing on apparel, posters, and more
  • Automatic order importing and fulfillment
  • Shipping items with your own branded sticker and personalized packing slip


If you want to do more social media marketing but can’t find the time, Kit. can become your own personal marketing assistant. Sign up, connect your shop, and start promoting your products right away.

Sign up with Kit., and you can use text messages to manage:

  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Email marketing


Need a hand with managing your business processes? GetScorecard may be just what you’re searching for. Track order production and stay in touch with customers with all of the organization of a seasoned CEO.

Connect GetScorecard with your shop to:

  • Manage order workflow
  • Update mailing lists
  • Track recurring customers

To view the latest integrations that help with shipping, mailing lists, or printing products, visit the new apps page »

Introducing Max Spransy

Announcing another new addition to our team - Max Spransy! Max brings his programming skills to Big Cartel’s dev team, where he’s sure to whip up something amazing for our users.

Max was born and raised in a little town in Wisconsin, where he was homeschooled and encouraged to explore his interests at a young age. With a dad who was a software developer and musician, Max threw himself whole-heartedly into programming and electronic music while he was in high school, and he hasn’t looked back. He began teaching himself the C programming language, and asking his dad for help when he had questions, then moved on to learn Ruby, as well. When Max eventually relocated to Kansas City, Missouri, he continued to develop his web coding skills and started creating music on a more consistent basis. After years of freelance web projects, working for a startup and for an online retailer, he’s just joined us here at Big Cartel.

When he’s not busy with dev stuff, he’s likely making music in some form or another. He’s most passionate about electronic music, but he’s known to get a little folksy now and then, too. Max recently scored a documentary on Bipolar disorder and is currently working on a full-length album. Between all the music-making and his two pups, Scout and Don Cornelius, the man keeps himself busy doing all the things that he loves.

New Shop Indie: Yuletide & Chill

Designer Meg Lewis and her band of talented freelancers, Ghostly Ferns, are the masterminds behind Picklejuice and Good Vibes. She’s got an eye for design and way with people, but our favorite thing about her is that Meg believes the internet should be fun. She found a collection of items that make perfect holiday gifts, all with a sense humor about internet culture.

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Handling a lot of orders

The love for our new admin has been pouring in, and while we’re busy working on the next section, we thought we’d take another quick look at a few features designed specifically for the wonderful chore of dealing with a lot of orders.

Mark all shipped

If you having “shipping days” where you send out a batch of orders at a time, you no longer need to check them off one-by-one in your admin. Simply visit the Unshipped tab, click Mark all shipped, and watch them all fade away.

Download CSV

For you Excel nerds out there, or for times when you want to send a spreadsheet of your order history to an outside bookkeeper or service, you can download your order data by clicking Download CSV. Searches and filters even work!


Our search feature lets you quickly find a needle in a haystack. Search results show both shipped and unshipped orders, let you click to toggle shipping status or view the full details, and will remember where you were when you come back. Handy!

New Shop Indie: Tiny Tokens

Sarah Anderson works on Big Cartel’s community team to plan events, develop partnerships, and organize sponsorships, and spends her free time designing small gifts for her own online shop. Sarah found a few favorite pocket-sized presents, perfect for giving to new friends or “just because” to someone special. They’d also stuff a stocking quite nicely, if that’s on your mind.

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Using a discount for local pickup

Discounts are a great way to reward your most devoted customers. Did you know you can take things one step further and use discounts to offer free pickup for your local customers?

If you have a physical retail location or participate in craft fairs, this is a perfect way to get more people through the door, and you get a little face time with your supporters. If that’s not enough to convince you, local pickup also saves you the time and expense of dealing with the post office.

Adding a local pickup discount allows you to offer “free” shipping, without adjusting your standard shipping charges for everyone else. When used, it’ll be listed on the order details under Discount. An added bonus is that this gives you and your customer a quick way to confirm on the receipt that their order won’t be shipped.

Getting started

Since you probably have shipping charges set up for your products, you’ll need to use a discount code to offer free pickup. Don’t sweat, it’s easy!

You can set up a discount code by going to Promote > Discounts in your shop’s admin. Make the discount specific - something like LOCALSONLY or LOCALPICKUP. You want to make sure you can still talk about it on your site, but customers from far away won’t try to use it, so you might even include your city in the name. Once you create that code, promote it on social media and on product pages so locals can get in on the deal.

If you’re checking out the preview of our new orders admin, don’t forget to use the private notes feature for any special pickup reminders.

Now’s the perfect time to give this a try - with the holidays coming up, a break on shipping could lead to more orders placed in your shop. At the very least, it’ll mean more happy customers, and that’s always a good thing.

Introducing Stephanie Perry

A couple months ago we began searching for a new Office Manager for our headquarters located in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. We were on the lookout for someone who’s highly-organized, thoughtful, and an all around go-getter and we found the perfect fit with Stephanie Perry.

Stephanie grew up in Seattle, Washington, but has spent the last 13 years making her home in Salt Lake City, Utah. During that time she was a formulations scientist at Twinlab, which is actually as cool as it sounds - she spent her time researching, developing, and formulating a variety of products from tea to herbal supplements and beyond. Needless to say, she’s no stranger to planning and keeping things in order. Not only does she sweat the details, but she’s smart as a whip, and laughs louder than anyone we know, so we’re jazzed to have her in our office everyday.

When she’s not taking care of business, you’ll find her baking delicious pies (she learned from her mama), chilling with her 17 pound cat, Sam, and embarking on weekend road trips to some of Utah’s incredible national parks. She also has an unabashed love for 90’s music, so we’ll probably be hearing a lot more TLC and Luscious Jackson around these parts.

New Shop Indie: Home Sweet Home

Nothing makes you wish for a few great new decor items like moving to a new home. And that’s what got Mollie Silva looking around for the best home goods that Big Cartel shops had to offer. Part of Big Cartel’s support team, Mollie sees a lot of stores each day as she digs in to help and answer questions. The challenge for her wasn’t finding great products, it was narrowing down the options to fit in this guide.

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Small Box Shop

Just in time for the holidays, Big Cartel is opening a pop-up shop! In the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, this store houses a curated collection of unique items from Big Cartel artists and makers.

Starting on Black Friday (Nov. 27), we’re joining the holiday hustle and bustle to open the doors to the Small Box Shop. You won’t find products from the big box stores, because these items are from home-based businesses, up-and-comers, and 1-person shows. The store will be open select weekends during the holiday season.

Find these independent brands in the Small Box Shop:

Your support helps these individuals and small teams keep doing what they love: designing and making their goods with special attention and care. So no matter where you are, remember to #ShopIndie this holiday season.

Shop location:

163 S Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Shop dates & hours:

  • 11 am - 6 pm
  • Friday, Nov. 27
  • Saturday, Nov. 28
  • Sunday, Nov. 29
  • Friday, Dec. 4
  • Saturday, Dec. 5
  • Sunday, Dec. 6
  • Friday, Dec. 18
  • Saturday, Dec. 19
  • Sunday, Dec. 20

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