Welcome Anthony Colangelo

It’s no easy feat recruiting talented and passionate developers, but we’ve managed to do it yet again. This time, we welcome Anthony Colangelo. He’s got some serious development chops and will be focusing his efforts on all things iOS.

At 16 years old, upon encountering his very first iPhone, Anthony basically knew what he wanted to do with his life and, well, he’s doing it. After high school, he moved from New Jersey to Orlando to attend Full Sail University and graduated with an accelerated degree in Web Design & Development. When Anthony finished his degree, he moved to Philadelphia and spent the last three years at Happy Cog before joining Big Cartel in 2015. Anthony calls himself a “professional hobbyist,” but his love for all things space-related takes the cake. He was recently invited to attend a NASA Social event and 99% of his dreams have now come true.

Here’s to starting the year off right with an exciting new addition to the Big Cartel crew - welcome, Anthony!

Vanessa Wardy

Marketing at Big Cartel. Easily amused. Endlessly curious. Likes most things. Heart on sleeve.

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