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Shop Indie: Hot Stuff

Street artist Steiner searched Big Cartel shops for original artists, and came back with a collection of hot items.

Raised on surf/skate art and comics, and influenced by the likes of Jim Phillips and Todd McFarlane, Steiner began spray painting walls during middle school in the 90s. After traveling abroad and receiving a formal art training, he returned to his street art and graffiti roots. Steiner now lives in Los Angeles and channels the Toxic Avenger in his work. His brightly-colored depictions of mutated beasts with multiple eyes, surrounded by smoke ring clouds of pollution, show man's effect on nature and its manipulation of the environment.

He showed us that he's just as comfortable in the role of curator - this collection of products from a variety of talented artists is something you don't want to miss.

If you're street smart (or want to be), you'll find your way over to the #ShopIndie gift guide.