Shop Indie: Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter.

That we need to say it is why we say it. It’s a reminder that freedom is not a sliding scale, available only to some and not others. Freedom should be the default state.

At Big Cartel, doing our part in the fight against racism and dismantling unjust systems - even ones we’ve benefitted from - means acknowledging, learning from, and elevating others who have been doing the work for a long time. Stamina is something we’ve been talking about a lot lately - how to keep the work going each day as the struggle continues. So this is part of that. Whether it’s a print or a shirt or a pencil, let these products serve as reminders that this cause is so much bigger than us, that it’s been going on for years, and that it won’t be made right overnight. But no matter what hurdles are ahead of us, we have to keep on going, and keep on saying: Black lives matter.

1-subjectmatterstudio Black Lives Matter Print by Subject Matter Studio
Buy Now - $8.00

2-seabyland SEEN Print by Sea by Land
Buy Now - $25.00

3-bossyjoscie Black Lives Matter Pencils by Bossy Joscie
Buy Now - $3.00

4-cityofindustry End Police Brutality Button by City of Industry
Buy Now - $5.00

Buy Now - $45.00

6-theminnesotapins Black Lives Matter Pin by The Minnesota Pins
Buy Now - $10.00

7-barrytheartguy Black Lives Matter (Flower Print) by Barry the Art Guy
Buy Now - $25.00

8-misspentyouth2016 Black Lives Matter T-shirt by MisspentYouth2016
Buy Now - £20.00

9-bowerboxpress Forward to Better Poster by Bowerbox Press
Buy Now - $24.00

Andy Newman

Marketing at Big Cartel, writer, and dad of three. ✨

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