Recap: The Makers Summit

Last weekend we had the amazing opportunity to attend the Maker’s Summit in Greenville, SC and boy, did we have a good time. The fine folks at Indie Craft Parade sure know how to throw a party. The day-long workshop was packed from sunup to sundown - from the get-go we were surrounded by an inspiring community of makers and doers. We had the chance to hold down Resource Row along with some of the best toolmakers in the biz: MailChimp, Virb, Square and more.

The super supportive community in Greenville came ready to learn. We presented the Big Cartel story at a panel on “The Virtual Marketplace” with Michelle from Square Market and Jarod from Scoutmob. Our message was simple: We Believe in the Artist. We believe that given the right tools, creative minds will make unique goods that thrive in a world of mass-produced junk.

A majority of the attendees were shop owners just starting out (our sweet spot) and put us through the ringer trying to find the best solution for their young brands. We always come away from these things recommitted to making our product better, and reminded of just how dedicated the army of sellers is that calls Big Cartel home.

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