Taking Time Off for the Holidays

How to (temporarily) disconnect from your shop for some well-deserved time off.

After the final orders are packed and shipped, give yourself a pat on the back for surviving the busy holiday shopping season, and get ready to treat yourself to some time to relax. But before you wind down, you’ll need to get your Big Cartel shop ready for a break as well. Here’s how.

The easiest way

If you’re using Trace, Foundry, Neat, Good Vibes, Nova, Hopscotch, Snacks, Ranger, or Sunscreen for your store’s theme, they come equipped with an editable welcome message. Roadie, Netizen, Parade, and Sunscreen have a special spot specifically for announcement text, too.

In the Design area of your admin, add a note that you won’t be shipping new orders until a certain date, hit Publish, and you’re done. Everything else stays the same: Shoppers can still browse around and place orders, but you can take time away. Just make sure your message is loud and clear - you don’t want any confused shoppers when their order hasn’t shipped after a week.

If you use a theme like Lunch Break, Picklejuice, Snakebite, or Luna for your theme, take advantage of your built-in slideshow to quickly send a message. Make a custom slideshow image with all the details and add it to your rotation by going to the Design area of your admin.

Using Maintenance mode

For the cold turkeys among us, you can completely turn off your shop using Maintenance mode. No orders. No one viewing your stuff. This is especially great if you want to make a big deal about your relaunch by adding new products or designs after the new year.

To turn this on, head to your , then Your Shop, switch on Maintenance mode, confirm you want to Turn on Maintenance Mode and you’re done.

Advanced tricks

Want to edit the Maintenance mode message? Make sure your shop is on a paid Platinum or Diamond plan, then you can edit the message to your liking. To do that, make your way to Design, then Advanced, and Maintenance, and edit away. Just be sure to preview your edits and hit Publish when you’re done.

By updating this message, you can let shoppers know exactly when you’ll be back, and even include links to your social media profiles (or a newsletter) so they can get updates directly from you.

While you’re there, if you’re comfortable with HTML and CSS, you can alternatively make changes throughout your whole shop, such as including a custom note or image instead of turning on Maintenance mode. Perfect if you still want to accept orders, but want to control exactly how your “be right back” message displays.

Now go on and take a little break. You’ve earned it.

Andy Newman

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