Introducing the Netizen Theme

There’s a new theme in town, with plenty of retro charm and a high impact, graphic look. Say hello to Netizen.

When you use Big Cartel for your shop, you have access to several free themes that determine the basic look for your store. Just enter the customization area, choose from the theme roster, and adjust colors and fonts to fit your vibe. Maybe turn on some tunes, set a mood, and take your time making your shop just right. And if you happen to select Netizen, you’ll get great features like:

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Mini cart sidebar

Shoppers get a detailed view of their cart at all times, or can collapse the sidebar to just see a product count and order total. The sidebar is visible on any page, so they’ll know when each item hits the cart and how well they’re staying within their budget.

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Ready to get wild? Netizen is Big Cartel’s first theme with an automatic way to add gradients to various design elements. Apply some color-shifting magic to:

  • Logo square backgrounds
  • Category banner
  • Certain visual elements in the cart
  • Hover cursor

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Two category banners

Enable up to two category banners on your homepage: one banner will show at the top of the product list, and a second banner (if you choose to use it) will show midway down. Highlight your top products and keep the scroll interesting.

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More features you’ll love

  • A focus on product options so shoppers never have to scroll far to pick their preferred size, color, or other options
  • An integrated search function
  • Announcement message that appears as a banner at the top of your shop
  • Feature image on the homepage, including a range of optional overlay patterns
  • Choose between a grid (standard image height/width to keep things neat) or masonry (product images retain their size and nestle together as they fit) layout for your product list
  • A lookbook option on your shop homepage
  • Responsive design that works on any screen size

Check out the theme’s demo store, then log in to your shop admin to give Netizen a try. And if you love the look, let us know! We want to keep building themes that keep your shop fun and fresh.

Learn more about Netizen and other free Big Cartel themes on our Themes page. If you like the products featured in the theme’s demo store, shop Uno+Ichi to get the goods.

Sarah Anderson

Marketing at Big Cartel. Loud talker, maker at City of Industry. Semi-professional aunt. Pretty psyched about all of it.

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