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Introducing Pagination on Any Page

While it’s certainly not a huge feature, it’s one that will make some of you very happy.

Last night we updated our HTML API to allow you to create product pagination on any page, not just the Products page. Now, with the help of our new paginate and default_paginate functionality, you can create page links for your products on any page of your store!

If you’d like to modify your home page to behave more like your normal products page, you can follow these steps to add pagination. However, if code changes scare you or you’ve already customized your home page, you may want to put your store in maintenance mode first, or even get the help of a web designer.

  1. Login to the Design > Pages section of your admin and click Home
  2. Click the Custom radio button
  3. In your code, look for the part that looks like {% get products from products.all limit:theme.featured\_limit order:theme.featured\_order %} and change it to {% paginate products from products.all by theme.featured\_limit order:theme.featured\_order %}
  4. Change {% endget %} to {% endpaginate %}
  5. Finally, change {% else %} to {{ paginate | default\_pagination }}{% else %}
  6. Click Save and check out your store!