Introducing Order Push Notifications for iOS

Big Cartel for iOS now supports push notifications for new orders! With our app, you’ll stay up-to-date on your shop no matter where you go.

A fresh update to Big Cartel for iOS brings you one key feature: Notifications. Immediately know when an order’s placed and get vital details like purchase amount, customer name, and item quantity without unlocking your phone.


On iOS 10, press and hold the notification for more details or to print a packing slip right away. Apple Watch wearer? Yep, you can see notifications there, too.

Expanded Notification

See these notifications as soon as you update any iPhone or iPad on iOS 9 or newer. Make sure you’ve enabled notifications for Big Cartel on your device so you never miss a sale.

Big Cartel for iOS lets you create and edit products, process in-person sales, and manage orders on the go. Download Big Cartel for iOS in the App Store now.

Sarah Anderson

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