Introducing David Harthcock

There’s a new Big Cartel-er working hard from his home in Colorado, so obviously we had to take a minute to fill you all in!

David Harthcock recently joined the team as a Product Designer where he’ll be helping to make your Big Cartel experience look and feel 💯.

David was just a young’n when he started running DIY shows for local and touring bands out of a skate park that doubled as a music venue in Ventura, California. That got him into designing show flyers and creating websites for his friends’ bands. After a couple years he left the skate park for his first full-time design job and loved it so much he’s made it his career for the last 13 years.

In that time David has experienced everything from designing and building interfaces to co-founding two design agencies. He’s an empathetic soul who understands the struggles that come from a poorly designed product and enjoys tackling those problems to make things easy for people to use. And he’s especially excited to be working to improve the experience for people in the music and art communities he’s been a part of since those days at the skate park.

If you catch David roaming the Colorado streets, you’ll recognize him by all his food-related tattoos and likely a slice of pizza in hand. He’s also a bit of a music nut - he has an extensive record collection full of gems from every genre you can imagine. We wanted a little taste, so we asked him to make a playlist from a slice of his library. Have a listen and help us welcome David to the team!

Stephanie Perry

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