Ferocious Quarterly Heads to Creative South

Ferocious Quarterly is a curated publication that collects illustrators, designers, short-fiction authors and written text. For this special workshop edition, our own Dan Christofferson, along with friends Dan Cassaro and Nate Utesch, took the show on the road, all the way to Weapons of Mass Creation in Cleveland.

The issue focused on a palindrome: Go hang a salami. I am a lasagna hog. Attendees divided into four chapters and played a game of telephone, alternating between letterers and illustrators to watched the phrase morph into things we could never imagine. Those chapters will be organized, cleaned up a bit and be presented as a limited-edition “workshop” issue available in their shop.

Everyone had such a great time, that we decided we had to do it again. So tomorrow, the gang gets back together at Creative South. If you’re hanging out in Columbus, Georgia, stop by and say hi. We’re giving away half-hugs for free.

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