Welcome Carl DeCaire

The Big Cartel constellation just got a bright new star. We’re very happy to welcome Carl DeCaire to our design team.

Carl lives, breathes, bumps, sets, and spikes in Columbus, Ohio. (He’s a pretty competetitive sand volleyball player, don’t let the calm demeanor and the smile fool ya, he’ll crush at the net.)

Aside from an unbelievably sharp eye for clean pixels and comfortable UI, Carl has a pallete for (ridiculously) hot foods and a green thumb when it comes to growing his own demon peppers.

We recently brought Carl out to SLC for the weekend to enjoy his first taste of life as part of the Big Cartel crew and couldn’t be more happy with the new, and much-needed addition to the team.

Dan Christofferson

One half of Young Jerks, former Community Director at Big Cartel.

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