Welcome Anna Brozek

Our marketing team has had a great year. In addition to working frantically to tell the story of a community of nearly 200,000 independent artists, we’ve also grown by 1 (and a quarter).

Anna Brozek joined our team of 10 to help with the marketing efforts and promptly added baby Iris to the crew.

Anna joins us from Slowtrain, a record shop she and her husband bootstrapped from nothing and turned into an icon of the gallery district in Salt Lake City. Her passionate support of artists and their craft has driven her to risk a lot in her life and brought her to Salt Lake, prepping her unknowingly for a spot at Big Cartel. From building a community of loyal fans, to helping struggling musicians make a name for themselves, Anna is an amazing asset to the Big Cartel team, and we’re very happy to have her.

Dan Christofferson

One half of Young Jerks, former Community Director at Big Cartel.

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