Visualizing Your Orders

UPDATE: great news folks, the new orders admin is live!

We're excited to give you the first look at our new admin, starting with the area we decided to tackle right off the bat - orders. Orders are the lifeblood of your shop, but can sometimes be a frustrating experience if you don't have a great way of handling them, and that's exactly what we aimed to provide with our new design.

What was ordered?

Order Card

One of our first goals was to make each individual order visually distinct, that way it's easy for you to glance and see what was ordered, who ordered it, and when. Of course, sometimes people order one thing, sometimes they order many things, so our new order card design can expand and contract to look great in all cases.

What's been shipped?

Order Shipped

Our next goal was to make it obvious which orders have been shipped and which haven't. While we're still separating unshipped vs shipped orders in different tabs, we're now going a step further by dimming orders when you ship it. Now the orders that need your attention will stand out, and the ones that don't will fade away.

What went wrong?

Order Warning

Sadly, things don't always go as expected when someone places an order. There may have been a problem with the payment, there may be some conflicting shipping or billing info, or it may even be a fraudulant order altogether. No matter what happened, you'll now see a prominent order warning when something smells fishy.