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Using Square with Big Cartel for iOS

We’ve continued to update Big Cartel for iOS to make it an easy way to add and edit products, manage orders, and process in-person sales when you’re on tour, at festivals, or opening a pop-up shop.

With the recent addition of Square, the app’s even better for sellers on the go. When you sign up for Square, they’ll send you a card reader so you can process a variety of payments, like a dip in a chip reader, a swipe of a magstripe, or a tap with Apple Pay or Android Pay. We’ve got all the details about this new feature here.

Looking for a few final tips to help you avoid any headaches with your in-person sales? We’ve got those, too.

Big Cartel App

Getting started

If you’ve already downloaded Big Cartel for iOS, but you’re just getting started with Square, you’ll have the smoothest process if you take care of a couple things first.

Start by installing the Square Point of Sale app, and sign up for a Square account before trying to connect it to Big Cartel for iOS. After that, request your card reader far in advance of your next in-person event, since it can take around two weeks for shipping. If you’re in a rush, you can also pick one up at Apple or another retailer near you.

Give checkout a test run

After you’ve connected Big Cartel and Square, it’ll be a slightly different checkout process. Give it a try on your own time, so you know what to expect. (Don’t worry, you can refund a test order immediately afterwards within the Square app.)

Streamline the checkout process by turning off the receipt option in Square Point of Sale. To do that, you’ll head to Settings > Signature and Receipt > select Skip Receipt Screen. You’ll have the opportunity to email a receipt via Big Cartel, which will include more product details, and a link back to your store.

With in-person orders, your inventory works just like before. When a sale is processed using our app, we’ll automatically adjust your Big Cartel shop’s inventory to match.

Big Cartel + Square

Reduce your notifications

Turn off Per Transaction Emails from Square so you don’t clog up your inbox. You processed a sale during your test run, right? Open that first notification email from Square and select “Turn off Per Transaction emails now” at the bottom of the message. You’ll still get a Daily Summary Email, but you won’t drain your phone battery with redundant emails for each order.

And don’t worry about cleaning up the Orders page of your admin. Any in-person sales are automatically marked as Shipped, so they’ll never get confused with pending online orders.

Take those tips and you’ll be selling in person like a well-oiled machine in no time. And if you have any questions about using Big Cartel for iOS, we’re here for you.