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Updated Theme: Snakebite 2.0

We’ve updated our Snakebite theme (with the help of our friends at Fuzzco) to include a customizable slideshow on the homepage.

You can now showcase your products with high-resolution images - and they’ll look great on mobile devices too. Upload large, beautiful photos to call attention to an existing product, or use the gallery as a perfect spot to introduce customers to new products in your shop. As always, great photography is key. Need photography tips? Our field guide can help.

When you select this theme, you’ll see we’re also showing our new default images feature (theme designers, rejoice!). These images were created by Fuzzco to really show off the theme’s potential and give you great ideas for how to organize a good color hierarchy in your theme. Just replace the logo and slideshow images in the theme settings to make it completely your own.

*Note: Those of you currently using a customized version of Snakebite will need to revert to the theme’s defaults to take advantage of the new slideshow feature. Make sure you take note of any existing customizations as you’ll need to reapply them once you’ve updated the theme.