Updated Tax Settings

We’ve updated our tax settings, bringing them into your admin so you can quickly and easily charge a flat sales tax by region.

PayPal users have always been able to use PayPal’s tax settings, but now those using Seamless Checkout can charge tax on orders with a few clicks in your admin.


Ready to give it a try? First, make sure you’re set up to use Seamless Checkout (confirm your Checkout options in the Settings section of your admin), then set up tax nice and easy:

  • In the Options section of your store settings, check the box labeled Tax.
  • You decide the tax rate, and whether or not it applies to shipping.
  • For US store owners, pick which state is taxed.
  • For EU store owners, apply tax only within your country, or throughout the EU.
  • For store owners who are not in the US or EU, simply add tax by country.

Tax can be a complicated little monster, so for those that are looking for more information including helpful links to tax rates in their region, give our handy tax guide a quick read.

Matt Wigham

Co-founder of Big Cartel, musician, and film producer who believes in the artist.

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