Go get 'em. By Big Cartel.

Top 10 Customization Gems

From the looks of all the newly revamped stores out there, you’re definitely putting our new customization tools to good work.

These new features are a big improvement from our old system, but there were also a number of smaller details we added that we love just as much. Here are just 10 of our favorite little, hidden gems.


Style and format your custom page content with clicks instead of code.

Re-order pages

Drag & drop your custom pages into any order you’d like.

Background images

Easily upload a custom background image in Sidecar. A great feature, coming soon to our other themes.

Themes for all

All of our themes (including our newest, Sidecar) are now available to all plans.

More fonts

Themes now include new font options to help your store more closely match your existing brand. We support all web-safe fonts and hope to add more soon.

Functional preview

Our real-time preview area isn’t just great for looking at, you can use it too! Play with your theme’s features, add and remove items from the cart, and more.

Fullscreen editing

For those big edits that require a big canvas. Great for advanced coding.

Preview quicknav

Quickly jump to those hard to reach pages like Maintenance and Success using the quicknav, or hide it to get it out of the way.

Transparent colors

Now when you want something to blend into its surroundings, it can.

If you edit a particular page quite a bit, say your Home page, you can get there easily with a direct link, like: /admin/design#advanced/home