Go get 'em. By Big Cartel.

The New bigcartel.com

We’re proud to introduce the all-new bigcartel.com. Seeing the work of artists and designers in our community, we felt challenged to keep up with the amazing shops and brands we see every day. We took all that inspiration, and put it into a whole new site and experience for our community.

Screenshot of bigcartel.com

When visiting the new site, you’ll see that Big Cartel is more than just an e-commerce platform: we’re a launchpad for independent, artistic businesses, we’re an army of artists, working hard to make money doing what we love. With our redesigned site, we’ve focused more specifically on that mission, and updated our content to be more flexible as we grow.

This redesign went beyond cosmetic changes as our team re-thought each page. For existing shop owners, we’ve simplified the login process making it easy as pie to get into your shop and get to work. The tour is more thorough, with previews of each customizable theme before you ever signup or in to your admin. We’re sharing new example stores and rebuilt our community page to focus on you and the work you create.

We still offer a completely free plan, and streamlined the features in our paid plans to make the choice simply about the number of products your business needs, all while staying incredibly affordable. So yeah, we’re excited for the new look (and, oh yeah, new blog!), and the great new tools still to come this year. We hope this shows how sincerely we believe in what you do, and thank you for believing in us right back.

Visit the new site.