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The Modern Workshop

When Death to the Stock Photo released a photo pack called “Modern Workshop” it felt like a perfect match for what we’re trying to express with our own Workshop.

Because this is a space for the old and the new, to learn how things work, and to find joy in using old tools to make new art, we wanted to share their newsletter, republished below with their permission.

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Where two edges meet is a curious place. A certain tension and energy exist at these intersections. Whether it’s contrasting colors, materials, people, or even the natural world and the human-made world.

In the modern-day workshop, we don’t usually find nature clashing with machines, but rather different eras of human technology are at odds. It’s a place where hammers and nails and cell phones are forced to co-exist.

Death to Stock - Modern Workshop 1

As our world becomes increasingly connected, we think there’s a ton of opportunity and value in figuring out how to ease the pressure on those edges. Find ways to complement instead of oppose. Connection is what counts.

Death to Stock - Modern Workshop 2

These photos were created in collaboration with photographer Maresa Smith during her stay at the Sea Loft - an incredible artist studio on the Fife coast in Scotland. Thanks to the artists for allowing us to use images of their space and for sharing their creative spirit: Elizabeth Ogilvie, Michael Craik, Scott Hunter, and Caroline McGonigal.

Death to Stock - Modern Workshop 3

Death to Stock is a modern media company that shares thoughtfully-crafted photos and video, alongside artist stories, to inspire your next creation.

We’re told we’re like caffeine for creatives.

Death to Stock - Modern Workshop 4

We’re advocates for the artist inside of you. We’re helping people who build their own projects, people who make art even when they’re told no by the “gatekeepers.”

We’re putting the humanity back into art. We reject the “stock” way of doing things - the way of finding the cheapest, fastest, mass-produced option.

If you’re starting your own journey and breaking from the mold, we’re here to help you on your way.

We know we’re different, and we’re OK with that.

Are you?

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David Sherry is a co-founder of Death to the Stock Photo and previously wrote How Strangers Shape Our Lives and Our Art.