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The Big Cartel Shop is Open for Business

More and more small brands are using Big Cartel to get their unique products online. With all of this activity, we finally decided to join in on the fun. We’re extremely proud to kick open the doors to the brand new Big Cartel shop!

View the full store at:

We had so much fun designing this first round of products, and learned so much, that we decided to document our process in detail so we could share our store’s exciting journey with you. So, welcome to the Store from Scratch video series. A behind-the-scenes look at everything it takes to build and run a brand on Big Cartel. The first episode, Designing Products, is already up and ready for your viewing pleasure.

Store from Scratch

Behind the scenes:

In this series, we’ll take you through everything we experienced while we designed, produced, photographed, sold, and shipped our own products. In these videos we’ll give you our top tips in each phase of our journey, and show you as many glimpses into our process as we can pack into 2-minutes.

Wee invite you to check out our Store from Scratch series over on the Classroom page. We’ve done all of this locally, independently, and with the help of our own friends and family. Our hope is that you’ll be able to see how we did it, and take that fuel back to your own fire and get cookin’.