Go get 'em. By Big Cartel.

Smooth Selling With Square

If you’re planning any in-person selling for the holidays, it’s time to make sure you can handle those sales without breaking a sweat.

We know you’re busy with holiday markets, open studios, pop-up shops, and other events. That’s why there’s Big Cartel for iOS to help you handle in-person orders and manage your store from anywhere. And by using Square as your in-person payment processor, you can process your first $1,000 without any fees!

Here’s all you need to do

  • Install Big Cartel for iOS and Square Point of Sale.
  • Stock up on small bills, so you can make change for the cash-only folks.
  • Set up in-person sales tax in the Big Cartel for iOS app Settings, so you’re covered during tax season.
  • Request your free card reader from Square.
  • Sign up with Square to process your first $1,000 in sales with zero fees.

You’ve got busy weeks ahead, but with a little advance planning, you can show up with your goods, a phone, and card reader, and start selling with confidence. That sounds like a pretty good way to head into your holiday season.