Small Improvements to Big Cartel for iOS

In addition to our sweet new push notifications for orders, we’ve also recently released a handful of awesome little features to Big Cartel for iOS that should make staring at your phone all day that much nicer. Here’s a quick rundown.

View Order Button

Say you’re checking your email on your iPhone and, wouldn’t you know, a new order email for your shop! Now, if you click to view that order from the email (or anywhere else, really) it’ll open in our app instead of Safari.

Search for orders in Spotlight

Orders Search

You may be in the habit of using Spotlight Search to look up contacts, emails, songs, or restaurants, so why not orders? Simply swipe down from your home screen, enter the order number or buyer info, and voilà.

Upload images from somewhere else

Image Upload Menu

If you keep your product photography on services like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, or Google Drive (and you have their app installed on your phone), you can now upload it to your Big Cartel shop directly from there.

Use a password manager

Password Managers

Hopefully you’re no longer using your dog’s maiden name for your password, and you may even wisely use a password manager like 1Password or LastPass. To reward this vigilance, you can now log in directly with them.

Remember me

Remember Me

Speaking of logging in, you know how when you get a new iPhone or iPad, and for some reason, half the apps make you log back in while the others keep you logged in like nothing changed? Yeah, well we’re now one of the good ones.

Grab all of these goodies in Big Cartel 3.8 in the App Store now, and stay tuned as we keep making our app the best way to manage your shop on the go.

Matt Wigham

Co-founder of Big Cartel, musician, and film producer who believes in the artist.

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