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Shop Talk Spotlight: Emily Katz

Emily Katz is a creative consultant, interior designer, macramé teacher, illustrator, and Instagram phenomenon.

We’re huge fans of Emily’s work, and were thrilled when she agreed to join us in Portland, OR at Shop Talk, our one-day conference for creatives and small business owners. She shared stories of the ups and downs of her creative career and how she’s learned to understand that failures are often painful gifts.

Emily has built a very successful business allowing her to teach macramé all over the world, design interiors, and offer creative consultation for other businesses. But, like the rest of us, Emily’s had projects that didn’t work out, and has experienced professional and personal challenges. We left her talk with the message that there is much to learn from mistakes, missteps, and misfortune, but the trick is to refuse to be defined by those failures. Or in her words, “Failure is invited to the party. She just doesn’t get to pick the music or the dancing shoes.” With her words still buzzing around our heads, we caught up with Emily to ask a few more questions.

Emily Katz 2

You seem to be always making something new and amazing. What’s your sure-fire way to get out of a creative rut?

I take naps. Meet inspiring friends. Cook a meal.

Your presentation at Shop Talk focused on failure. Looking back, what’s the failure that you’ve been most grateful for?

I think going bankrupt from my fashion business was the biggest and most powerful failure. It was’t really what I wanted to do, but I struggled with getting out of it. I am glad I did, because I feel so much more myself now in what I do.

Emily Katz 3

Speaking of what you do now, your name has become almost synonymous with macramé. What’s your favorite aspect of this art form?

The community building! I love sharing my craft, meeting people who also love the craft of macramé, and expanding my ideas and pushing the limits of my creativity.

Find more inspiration (and probably an urge to try macramé yourself) on Emily’s Instagram.