Shop Indie: What We Got

Around here, finding cool independent brands is one of the perks of the job. We asked our coworkers about some of their latest finds that actually got them to add to cart. Here’s a handful of purchases that Big Cartel employees made recently from our community of designers, makers, and more.

012022 ShopIndieEmployeeProducts Inline01 Wiry Name Necklace, Lane Walkup

Buy Now - $98.00

Vanessa says: I bought a custom necklace from Lane Walkup - this has become a new year tradition of sorts for me. I’d snag more from her shop, but it sells out very quickly!

012022 ShopIndieEmployeeProducts Inline02 Flower Boy Print, Pavlov Visuals

Buy Now - $30.00

Lauren says: I bought a bunch of prints from Ryan Sprague of Pavlov Visuals. Been obsessed with his aesthetic for some time now.

012022 ShopIndieEmployeeProducts Inline03 On Vintage China Still Life Oil Painting, Sheri Gee

Buy Now - 180.00 GBP

Max says: We wanted to invest in some beautiful art that we would enjoy for a lifetime and she has some lovely stuff for sale. (Max selected a different one-of-a-kind painting than the one featured, but there are many options in stock.)

012022 ShopIndieEmployeeProducts Inline04 Medium Dotted Planter, Earthtones Pottery

Buy Now - $36.00

Sarah says: I’ve been propagating plants like crazy and need to get them in soil.

012022 ShopIndieEmployeeProducts Inline05 35mm Point+Shoot Film Camera with Flash, Revolog

Buy Now - 45.83 Euros

Andrew says: I’ve started playing around with film photography in the last year and bought a point-and-shoot camera and whole bunch of film from Revolog to keep exploring and experimenting.

012022 ShopIndieEmployeeProducts Inline06 Toast Tongs, Tree Works Idaho

Buy Now - $14.00

Hilary says: This description really resonated with my experience of watching him get toast out of the toaster, so I bought these toast tongs for my dad.

012022 ShopIndieEmployeeProducts Inline07 Lysergic Emotions Module from Mastro Valvola, Little Box Effects

Buy Now - $259.99

Andrew says: When I’m feeling a little stuck in a musical rut, getting new music gear always gets me inspired again.

012022 ShopIndieEmployeeProducts Inline08 Daffodil Print, Fickle Hill Press

Buy Now - $24.00

Hilary says: A few of [Hilary’s kid’s] nicknames are variations on “daffodil” and I thought it was sweet.

012022 ShopIndieEmployeeProducts Inline09 Salad Set, Tree Works Idaho

Buy Now - $38.00

Lauren says: Tree Works Idaho created 5 sets of hand-carved salad tongs for my close friends!

012022 ShopIndieEmployeeProducts Inline10 Hexagon Mug, Lollipots

Buy Now - $40.00

Vanessa says: I bought a mug from Lollipots for my sister, I love her colors and style.

012022 ShopIndieEmployeeProducts Inline11 Bat Pride Flag Pin, Sofftpunk

Buy Now - 5.00 GBP

Sarah says: These pins are sweet and cute, and come with a variety of flag options. They’re just a tiny bit goth, like my nephew, who received one from me for Christmas.

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