Shop Indie: The most important meal of the day

Rise and shine—it’s time for breakfast! Whether it’s wholesome granola, fluffy pancakes, strong coffee, or a stiff Bloody Mary, we’re always up for the most important meal of the day. Big Cartel shop owners are clearly feeling motivated by the morning munchies, as well, creating work inspired by their brekkie favs. We’ve rounded up a little buffet in this Shop Indie guide dedicated to all things breakfast.

Brekkie 2.0 sticker sheet Brekkie 2.0 Sticker Sheet by smoleart
Buy Now - $4.00

Cosmic Crunch Granola Cosmic Crunch Granola by Margalaxy
Buy Now - $12.00

Milk Jug Milk Jug by Hanne Rysgaard
Buy Now - £48.00

Breakfast painting Breakfast Painting by Isabella Di Sclafani
Buy Now - $400.00

Breakfast egg cups Character Egg Cups by Betsy Croft
Buy Now - $15.00

Breakfast Print - Third Edition Breakfast Print - Third Edition by Caboose
Buy Now - $15.00

Bloody Mary Funny Food Tea Towel Bloody Mary Funny Food Tea Towel by Fisk and Fern
Buy Now - $18.00

Sea Pancake Danglies Sea Pancake Danglies by Qelffy
Buy Now - $38.00

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