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These days, many of us have had the privilege of spending lots (and lots) of extra time with kiddos that would otherwise be in school or in a gazillion other extracurricular activities. This different world we’re living in is seeing many families spending more time together, so why not get the kids a little treat and the parents a little something while we’re at it, too?

From a (gentle) rally cry all caregivers can wear on their shirt to a snuggly sloth that the littles would certainly cherish - this collection of goodies can help make the days a little softer, for parents and kids alike.

01-jacket Baby Parka by Tanya Nefertari
Buy Now - £15.00

03-sloth Sloth Babies by Love & A Sandwich
Buy Now - $40.00

04-yak Posey and Rosie the Two-headed Yak Sisters by Violetpie
Buy Now - $285.00

02-cups Keep Cup by Hanne Rysgaard
Buy Now - £27.00

05-truck Wooden worksite trucks by Made with Mwa Crochet
Buy Now - $25.00

06-love I Love You Print by Jenna Valoe
Buy Now - $15.00

07-shirt T-shirt by Dear Lois
Buy Now - $20.00 - On Sale

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