Shop Indie: Back to School

There’s something in the air, and it smells like textbooks and sharpened pencils. It’s time to go to school! Whether you’re packing up a kid’s backpack for the first time, outfitting your dorm room, or enrolling in an online program, you deserve school supplies that are as unique as you are. Shop small to get items that are high quality and truly special.

Backtoschool 01 Flap Top Backpack
Buy Now - $98.55

Backtoschool 02 Space Bun Washi Tape
Buy Now - $6.00

Backtoschool 03 Inspirational Pencil Set
Buy Now - $12.00

Backtoschool 04 Magic Flag
Buy Now - $60.00

Backtoschool 05 Pencil Icon Stickers
Buy Now - $2.50-$4.00

Backtoschool 06 Nevada Desk Lamp
Buy Now - $87.51

Backtoschool 07 Cat Loaves Sketchbook
Buy Now - $16.00

Backtoschool 08 Dinosaur Notepads
Buy Now - $8.00

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