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Seamless Checkout for Everyone

Seamless Checkout has arrived.

We’ve been talking about it for a while, and slowly inviting shops to try it out - but we’re pleased to announce it’s now readily available to all shops. You can easily enable Seamless Checkout in the Settings > Checkout section of your admin.

Our new Seamless Checkout offers a number of improvements over our existing PayPal checkout, here are just a few:

  • Direct credit card payments – there’s no need for your customers to sign up for anything, they can simply pay with a credit card.
  • Lightning fast – our elegant single-page design and instant payment processing significantly cut down on checkout times.
  • No off-site redirect – your customers remain on Big Cartel the entire time, giving us full control over the experience.
  • Beautiful receipt page – an order confirmation page that reviews what was purchased, that your customer can come back to at any time.
  • Better for high volume sales – no back-and-forth with PayPal means inventory reserve and overselling are history.
  • Fewer headaches, more awesome – no more pending e-Check payments, IPN delays, or attempts to spoof orders.

Learn more about Seamless Checkout or set up Seamless Checkout now.