Re-Introducing Todd Heasley

Big Cartel has a new, yet familiar, face in our team of Developers and Designers. Todd Heasley worked at Big Cartel years ago as an iOS dev, where he helped build the very first version of the iOS Big Cartel app. Now he’s back and we couldn’t be happier.

Todd didn’t plan on becoming a programmer. His heart was (and still is) in architecture, but he accidentally signed up for the wrong class in college - Art 10 Computer Illustration, instead of Art 110 Perspective Drawing. Turns out that writing software was the best way to scratch all of his itches, since it perfectly mixes math and precision with art and design. He’s built multiple iOS apps, and in recent years has added Android development to his repertoire. We’re stoked to have him back to round out our team of Mobile app devs.

When he’s not working, Todd lives a picturesque life on an island off the coast of Maine, in a house he designed himself. When weather permits, he’s either skateboarding, snowboarding, or boating. On quieter days he and his wife might be dreaming of new homes to build or finishing up any number of projects around the house. Todd fits right in with all the music lovers here at Big Cartel, and manages to find time making mixtapes which he releases in Toddcast, er, podcast form. We asked him to create a mixtape just for us, so here it is. Get ready to boogie.

Listen here on Spotify.

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