Tired hands, quiet minds. By Big Cartel.

Preview the New Orders Admin

The first section of our new admin is here - preview the all new orders area. After months of planning, designing, coding, and testing, our team is so excited to finally open the doors and let you see what we’ve been up to.

Visualizing your orders

Orders List

Orders are the lifeblood of your shop, but can sometimes be a frustrating experience if you don’t have a great way of handling them. Our new design makes it easy to see what was ordered, what’s been shipped, and if something went wrong.

Mark all shipped

Mark all shipped

If you having “shipping days” where you send out a batch of orders at a time, you no longer need to check them off one-by-one in your admin. Simply visit the Unshipped tab, click Mark all shipped, and watch them all fade away.

Download CSV

Download CSV

For you Excel nerds out there, or for times when you want to send a spreadsheet of your order history to an outside bookkeeper or service, you can download your order data by clicking Download CSV. Searches and filters even work!

Search Navigation

Our search feature lets you quickly find a needle in a haystack. Search results show both shipped and unshipped orders, let you click to toggle shipping status or view the full details, and will remember where you were when you come back. Handy!

Updating customer details

Updating Customer Details

Did you just get an email from the guy that ordered your last tee saying he entered the wrong zip code at checkout? Or from the lady that bought your cool tote bag who forgot to mention her apartment number? No problem, fix it for them!

Note to self

New Private Notes

Want to remember to include a special sticker pack in a returning customer’s order? Need to remember that you exchanged a hoodie for a different size? Well put down the Post-its, you can now leave yourself private notes on each order.

Order activity

New Order Activity

With all that goes into receiving, managing, and fulfilling an order, wouldn’t it be nice to see a full history of when it was received, when you shipped it, what changes you’ve made, and all of the notes you’ve added? Yes. Yes it would.

Viewing the next and previous order

Orders Arrows

Easily view the next and previous order in your list, even if you used a filter or search to get there. So now, if you were just looking at shipped orders, or just searched for a specific customer email, the next and previous links remember that.

Using the arrow hot keys

Orders Keys

Finally, for you power users out there, don’t take your hand off the comfy keyboard, simply use the ← and → arrow keys to switch orders. Combined with the overall speed boost our team has made, this is a crazy fast way to cruise through orders.

Try it out now

Preview Button

Start using the new features by clicking the Preview our new admin button on the order pages of our current admin, or by visiting my.bigcartel.com/preview/orders.

We hope you enjoy managing your orders using our new tools, and stay tuned over the coming months as we build and preview other areas of the new admin. Be sure to also check our help area if you have any questions, and let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you.