Tired hands, quiet minds. By Big Cartel.

Preview the New Discounts Admin

We’re creating a whole new admin with improved design and functionality, and it’s time to preview the latest addition: Discounts.

Discounts are a great tool if you want to spark new sales, reward repeat and long-time customers, or offer bulk pricing. In the new admin, creating and managing a discount is easier than ever. Here’s what’s new:

An all-new look

New Discounts Form

Of course, we gave our new Discounts section that charming new admin style, but we were careful not to mess with a good thing. People really like how understandable our current discount form is, so that remains at its core.

A home for expired discounts

Discounts Expired Tab

Expired discounts now live in a separate tab, making it easier to focus on your active discounts. We’ve also given each active discount a progress bar showing how close it is to joining its elderly friends in retirement.

Grab a discount code

Grab Discount Code

Can’t remember the discount code you used for your new promo? Or maybe you rolled the dice to generate a random code? Put away the Post-it notes, you can now copy a discount code to your clipboard in a single click.

Copy any discount

Copy Any Discount

If you need to generate a bunch of similar discount codes to hand out, or maybe you just really like the way one turned out, you can now duplicate any discount in your list. Click Copy Discount, give it a new name and code, and you’re done!

Give it a try

Discounts Preview

These are just a few of the many improvements we’ve made, and you can check them out now by clicking the Preview our new admin button on the discount pages of our current admin, or by visiting my.bigcartel.com/preview/discounts.