Playlist: Looking for the Magic

The name of this playlist comes from a song which isn’t on this playlist.

“Looking for the Magic” is a killer 70’s toe-tapper from Dwight Twilley Band. It’s the type of song that would work incredibly well during a montage sequence about a third of the way into a quirky, coming-of-age indie flick. You should totally seek it out, I think you’ll dig it. Anyway, that’s a lot of information about a song that isn’t on the playlist that I’m supposed to be inspiring you to listen to. Lemme start over…

Up here in Seattle, the days are getting shorter and shorter. Clouds and low light obscure the beautiful landscapes that surround the city. We can no longer rely on the world outside our offices and homes for inspiration and escape. But, that’s ok. Art, culture, and creativity from this city has made it around the world. So many of these fragile ideas formed not when the curtains were open and the sun came through but in dark, stinky basement, lonely corners of the library, and late night studio sessions.

So join me, embrace this winter. Don’t wait for the light to flood in, let’s look for the magic.

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Richard Laing

Product Director at Big Cartel. Music loving, soccer playing Dad living in Seattle, WA.

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