Introducing Richard Laing

A couple months ago, we began looking for a new community director to take over the role formerly filled by our longtime friend and artist, Dan Christofferson. Little did we know that the search wouldn’t take nearly as long as we thought, because shortly after it began, we found Richard Laing.

Born and raised throughout Scotland, Richard was obsessed with music from the moment he learned guitar at the age of 14. Drawn by the vibrant music scene, he moved to Manchester, England to study Economics and Sociology at the University of Manchester. In 2004, he moved to Seattle, Washington, with a dream of working in music. He got involved wherever he could: he played in bands, ran live sound, stage managed shows and interned at both KEXP and Sub Pop Records. The gig at Sub Pop turned into a full-time job in the marketing department where, for the past 5 years, he was the Director of Sales and Marketing. Just because he left the music industry last month to join Big Cartel, doesn’t mean he’s taking a break from music. Richard continues to meticulously organize his collection, play guitar and bass (competently), and play piano (incompetently, he says, but with great enthusiasm).

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Richard knows a thing or two about supporting a community of growing artists and we couldn’t have found a more perfect fit for the Big Cartel team.

New Shop Indie: For Furry Friends

As part of Big Cartel’s support team, Akshay Anikhindi knows how to get new shops looking great and running smoothly in no time flat. While it feels great to know and help the artists and makers who use Big Cartel, the most fun part of Akshay’s day is when he’s hanging with his corgi, Ender. With that little pup in mind, Akshay searched for the best pet products from some top-notch shops. If you’ve got a four-legged friend in your life as well, find something new to pamper your pooch.

Sniff out the perfect pet present with the #ShopIndie gift guide »

Big Cartel 2.3 for iPhone

We’ve been busy working on our iPhone app, and we’re really excited with where it’s headed. Here’s a quick look at some recent improvements we’ve made in version 2.3:

A better look at your orders

We’ve put a fresh coat of paint on order details to match our new admin. The new look gives you easier access to print shipping labels, email buyers, and mark orders as shipped, along with a more detailed listing of items in the order.

Take a peek

For those of you with an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, we’ve added Peek and Pop to orders! Press lightly on an order to take a quick look at its details—including buyer location, item quantities, and any notes sent your way.

Slide up when peeking to quickly email the buyer, print a shipping label, or mark the order as shipped. If you want to open the order, press a little deeper to Pop into it. With Peek and Pop, browsing and managing orders has never been easier.

Quick actions

Another workflow improvement for those of you with an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus: Quick Actions from the home screen. Press on the Big Cartel icon to jump right into orders, products, checkout, or to quickly search through orders.

The Big Cartel app still has all of the functionality you’re used to, so it’s the perfect pocket-sized tool for adding and editing products, updating orders, and processing in-person sales.

Ready to give it a try? Download the latest version in the app store now.

Introducing Joey Cruz

It’s been a year of many exciting changes at Big Cartel, some of which include the handful of new additions we’ve made to our team. Keep your eyes peeled for more introductions to our latest employees in the next few weeks, but for now, it’s time to get to know Joey Cruz.

Joey grew up in Queens, New York in a family full of all types of artists. Instilled with a love for the arts and a talent for storytelling, he grew up wanting to be a comic artist, an actor, then a director. After moving to California and realizing the film world wasn’t for him, he worked in retail while honing his craft as a writer. In 2010, Joey and his wife relocated to Portland, Oregon where he adopted 2 cats, launched his webcomic Reckstar, and expanded upon his customer service skills while providing technical support for a few different companies.

An excellent communicator and witty as hell, Joey’s an ideal addition to our solid support team and we’re psyched to have him.

Curio: A Pop-up Shop

As part of his Employee Art Grant, Big Cartel’s Community Director Dan Christofferson opened a brick-and-mortar pop-up shop for the month of August. Videographer Marcus MacDonald was there to document the opening night.

Ornately detailed and candlelit, the storefront felt like an exclusive space where you might need to whisper a password to gain access. This special Salt Lake City spot is now closed, but the products are available online in the Beeteeth store. Dan recently left Big Cartel to focus on new exciting projects, but watch for that guy – he’ll keep making the art and products we love so much.

New Orders Admin is Live!

The first section of our new admin is here – preview the all new orders area. After months of planning, designing, coding, and testing, our team is so excited to finally open the doors and let you see what we’ve been up to. In case you haven’t been following along, here’s a quick recap of what’s new.

Visualizing your orders

Orders are the lifeblood of your shop, but can sometimes be a frustrating experience if you don’t have a great way of handling them. Our new design makes it easy to see what was ordered, what’s been shipped, and what went wrong. Read more »

Keeping tabs on orders

One of the most important parts of running an efficient shop is a solid order fulfillment process, and we’ve got some new features here to help you handle all of the information and curveballs that are thrown your way. Read more »

Try it out now

Start using the new features by clicking the Preview our new admin button on the order pages of our current admin, or by visiting

We hope you enjoy managing your orders using our new tools, and stay tuned over the coming months as we build and preview other areas of the new admin. Be sure to also check our help area if you have any questions, and let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you.

Keeping Tabs on Orders

UPDATE: great news folks, the new orders admin is live!

How about another look into our upcoming new admin, this time digging deeper into the details of your orders. One of the most important parts of running an efficient shop is a solid order fulfillment process, and we’ve got some new features here to help you handle all of the information and curveballs that are thrown your way.

Updating customer details

Did you just get an email from the guy that ordered your last tee saying he entered the wrong zip code at checkout? Or from the lady that bought your cool tote bag who forgot to mention her apartment number? No problem, fix it for them!

Note to self

Want to remember to include a special sticker pack in a returning customer’s order? Need to remember that you exchanged a hoodie for a different size? Well put down the Post-its, you can now leave yourself private notes on each order.

Order activity

With all that goes into receiving, managing, and fulfilling an order, wouldn’t it be nice to see a full history of when it was received, when you shipped it, what changes you’ve made, and all of the notes you’ve added? Yes. Yes it would.

Visualizing Your Orders

UPDATE: great news folks, the new orders admin is live!

We’re excited to give you the first look at our new admin, starting with the area we decided to tackle right off the bat – orders. Orders are the lifeblood of your shop, but can sometimes be a frustrating experience if you don’t have a great way of handling them, and that’s exactly what we aimed to provide with our new design.

What was ordered?

One of our first goals was to make each individual order visually distinct, that way it’s easy for you to glance and see what was ordered, who ordered it, and when. Of course, sometimes people order one thing, sometimes they order many things, so our new order card design can expand and contract to look great in all cases.

What’s been shipped?

Our next goal was to make it obvious which orders have been shipped and which haven’t. While we’re still separating unshipped vs shipped orders in different tabs, we’re now going a step further by dimming orders when you ship it. Now the orders that need your attention will stand out, and the ones that don’t will fade away.

What went wrong?

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as expected when someone places an order. There may have been a problem with the payment, there may be some conflicting shipping or billing info, or it may even be a fraudulant order altogether. No matter what happened, you’ll now see a prominent order warning when something smells fishy.

Big Cartel + ShipStation

A couple months ago, we launched our API to make it possible for any app or service to integrate with Big Cartel. The goal is to expand the tools available to our community of artists to help run their business, and today we’re thrilled to announce a new integration with ShipStation.

There’s a lot of excitement around creating a product, listing it in your store, and getting that first sale. But, the reality of packing that order, figuring out the best shipping option, and getting it out the door can be time consuming and confusing. ShipStation makes things a whole lot easier.

When you sign up for ShipStation and link it to your Big Cartel shop, you can:

  • Quickly import orders from your Big Cartel store
  • Ship and pay postage with multiple shipping carriers (USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL)
  • Get discounted USPS rates and a free USPS provider account
  • Create labels one at a time or in a nice, efficient batch
  • Customize packing slips and email notifications with your branding, and even add your logo to the shipping label
  • Check shipping info using ShipStation’s iOS and Android Mobile app

Check out ShipStation and learn how they can improve your shipping process.

A New Admin is Coming

Over the coming months, Big Cartel will be rolling out a brand new version of our store admin area, redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. We’ll be previewing things a section at a time, so you can begin to try it out in your own admin, and give us feedback to help shape the final release.

A fresh start

Big Cartel has worked with nearly a million artists over the last ten years, and they’ve taught us an awful lot. We’ve learned what it takes to build a store from scratch, to establish a unique brand, and to manage a creative business. Now, we’re excited to take everything we’ve learned and put it to use in a brand new, redesigned, and rebuilt admin area for your store.

Of course, Big Cartel’s biggest feature has always been its simplicity, and that remains our top priority when building these new tools. But we’re also taking this opportunity to lay a new foundation, built on modern designs and technologies, that can grow and adapt along with the makers, designers, and creatives we work for.

Rolling things out

Nobody likes when a service they use every day pulls the rug out with a totally different design to learn, so we’ll be rolling out the new admin a section at a time over the coming months. The current admin will still work exactly like it does today, and you’ll be able to switch back-and-forth to test out the new design as much or as little as you’d like. However, this ain’t no beta. When a new section is released, it should be considered ready for use, so please use it and tell us what you think! Stay tuned.