Welcome Michael Croxton

We took our time hiring a new designer, but after much searching we found the right person for the job. We’re happy to announce that Michael Croxton has joined our talented design team!

A minimalist through and through, Michael is as passionate about design as he is about Isaac Asimov novels (and that’s saying A LOT). A native of the Bay Area, Michael roamed around a bit during his college years, eventually receiving his undergrad in design at the University of Utah. More recently, he finished his MFA from School of Visual Arts in NYC and spent some time developing his craft at Wondersauce and Big Spaceship.

Michael and his wife recently relocated to Salt Lake City from Brooklyn, and we couldn’t be happier to have another person joining us at our headquarters. Please help us welcome Michael — we’re pretty pumped to have him!

Shop Indie: endless summer gift guide

We’re not quite ready to say goodbye to summer, so we’re happy to hold on a little longer with our new Endless Summer Gift Guide.

Our friends at Eight Hour Day hand-picked some of their favorite products from over 500,000 independent Big Cartel stores. They’ve got you covered whether you’re an adult, a kid, on vacation or stuck in the office.

Now get shopping already shopindie.bigcartel.com »

Full mobile admin integration

We’ve made it easier than ever to run your independent business from your phone. We’ll now automatically detect if you’re coming from a mobile device, and instantly redirect you to our mobile-friendly admin. We’ve fine-tuned the experience with features like: full dashboard integration, order processing/tracking, and the ability to add and edit products (and yep, even upload photos) all from your mobile device.

So far, it’s made life a little easier for a lot of shop owners. A few folks even spoke up about how this simple admin improves their ability to sell their goods.

Since the mobile admin became a default, over 10,000 store owners have used their phone each day to mark orders as shipped, update inventory numbers, reorganize and edit products, and just keep a closer eye on their shop.

So what do you need to do? Not much. From now on, if you ever need to manage your shop on the go, head over to my.bigcartel.com from any mobile device, log in, and the rest is a piece of cake. Enjoy!

Introducing an updated Help Site

Our support team spent months rewriting articles, adding guides, and making sure that the Help Site gets your questions answered quickly and clearly so you can get back to your craft.

Your beautiful shop will be ready in record time, thanks to a redesigned Help Site that is easier to use and more valuable than ever.

*What’s new: *

  • Easier to navigate: We put our heads together, rearranged some things, and broke down everything into categories that make a bit more sense.
  • Searchable: Now when you use the Search bar, you’ll find results from the Basics (the tips, tricks and FAQs that help you open up shop) and Guides (in-depth advice to help your business grow)  so you’ll be able to quickly see the most useful information.
  • Help for Developers: A new section of the site is devoted to theme designers and app builders, so that they can help create useful tools for Big Cartel shop owners.

What stays the same:

We still have some of the best support folks around, ready to answer questions via email or Twitter. We’ll also keep adding answers and guides so that you can spend less time in your store admin, and more time on the fun stuff.

The Road to SxSW: Part 2

Watch the second installment in the Road to SXSW series, now available on our Community page. In this short film, you’ll get a glimpse into the sold-out Liberation showcase featuring 19 bands from 4 indie labels: Gold Robot, Father/Daughter, Small Plates, and Inflated Records.

Watch Road to SXSW: Part 2 now!

Thanks to filmmaker Tyler Coray for capturing the show for all of us to enjoy. It’s not easy for one man to film multiple stages, but we almost feel like we’re there.

Welcome Alex Parker

Last week we introduced Andy, the newest member of our support staff, and today we’re pleased to announce that our development team is growing as well, with the addition of Alex Parker.

Alex has been creating and developing websites since the mid-90s: his first website was a Zelda fan-site he finished when he was just 14 years old. Since he was a kid, Alex has been teaching himself all the code he could get his hands on, and he even did some freelance web development for fellow students throughout college. After finishing school with a Business and Marketing degree, he spent some time at Agency Fusion and GrooveHQ before joining the crew here at Big Cartel. When Alex isn’t at his computer working hard to keep Big Cartel in tip-top shape, he’s spending time with his wife and seven month old daughter at home in Riverton, UT.

We’ve thrown Alex straight into the deep end of the pool, but he’s swimming just fine. Help us welcome Alex to the team, and to our cozy Salt Lake City headquarters!

New theme: Picklejuice

We are excited to announce Picklejuice, the latest in a collection of expertly-built themes commissioned through our favorite design studios. This new addition was designed by our friends at Ghostly Ferns and presents a well-rounded option for any shop but pays special attention to brands, makers, and vintage shops with a softer, sophisticated aesthetic. Check out the details below, then log in to your admin to take it for a spin.

Preview Picklejuice in action: testdrivepicklejuice.bigcartel.com

A few of our favorite things about Picklejuice:

  • The responsive design works well on any screen size, so images will look great on mobile or desktop.
  • The shopping cart will overlay, so customers can edit the cart without leaving the current page.
  • Social media links are easy to integrate, just add your username for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • The homepage slideshow showcases product images, while each product page is also slideshow-ready.
  • Great design details, like the product name that appears when your mouse hovers over each item.

Picklejuice is just the latest theme available in your admin, and we’re working hard to expand the theme options even more. If you’re a theme developer and interested in working with us, join our theme developer’s newsletter.

On tour: Un Chien



One of our beloved coworkers, Rachel, is touring with her band Un Chien. (Don’t worry, the rest of the Support Fort is working hard to answer questions while Rachel’s on the road.) We’re excited to hear more from this talented group, and encourage friends of Big Cartel to support Rachel just like she supports all of us year-round.

Tour details on Un Chien’s site.

  • July 23: Marfa, TX
  • July 24: El Paso, TX
  • July 25: Red River, NM
  • July 27: Los Angeles, CA
  • July 28: San Francisco, CA
  • July 29: Las Vegas, NV
  • July 30: Tempe, AZ
  • July 31: Red River, NM
  • Aug. 1: Lubbock, TX
  • Aug. 2: Oklahoma City, OK
  • Aug. 3: Fort Worth, TX

Can’t make it to a show? That’s okay, you can follow along on Twitter, or pick up the debut album in their shop.

Welcome Andy Newman

Our team keeps getting better and better as we continue to grow our wonderful support staff and we can’t believe we were lucky enough to snag newcomer Andy Newman for our (and your) very own.

Andy’s background is in film, but he’s more than just a film enthusiast, he’s a passionate filmmaker and talented videographer who spent the past three years freelancing before joining our team. Prior to freelancing, he worked in customer support at his local Apple store, so Andy knows his way around a Genius Bar. Let’s just say, the man has some serious knowledge and skills that he’s more than happy to share. Based out of Columbus, OH, you can find Andy hanging with Ali and Jack, his wife and 9 month old son, obsessing over the most recent hockey match, and working on what he hopes to be his first feature film, The Lost Detective.

Let’s all give Andy a friendly welcome to the team - we’re so happy to have him!

The Road to SxSW

During 2014’s SXSW Festival, 19 bands from 4 indie labels gathered in Austin, Texas for a 2-stage, 8-hour showcase called Liberation. Big Cartel sent filmmaker Tyler Coray to document it all.

Watch Road to SXSW: Part 1 now!

The week surrounding the showcase was often chaotic, occasionally serene, but most of all unforgettable. We’ll be sharing the whole experience on Big Cartel’s Community page, starting with the band Dim Peaks as they played a small show in Marfa, then drove to Austin with a guy and his camera in the backseat.