Introducing the Snakebite Theme

We’re extremely proud to announce another brand-new theme to add to our growing list. Introducing the first of many commissioned, creative, highly-customizable themes: Snakebite!

Snakebite is a colorful, extremely flexible, new theme brought to you by our good friends at Fuzzco. We approached Fuzzco with a blank canvas and asked for a theme that broke from our norm and gave shops a fresh, incredibly unique take on the typical Big Cartel theme. They came back with a theme full of personality (the intentionally-askew product grid makes an instant statement), packed with features, and ready for a shop looking to make a visual statement. And oh yeah, as if the design wasn’t exciting enough, they went and named it Snakebite, the coolest theme name we’ve heard in a while.

Here’s what Fuzzco had to say about working on Snakebite:

“We wanted to create a theme that works for a broad range of users without being too generic, a theme that allows users to express individual personality without looking undesigned or unthoughtful. Snakebite’s customization allows for an enormous amount of energy or subtle elegance. We believe strongly in freedom, flexibility, and giving power to individuals and Snakebite covers all of those bases.”

Sounds great, gimme the details:

  • 100% mobile-ready. Extremely easy to navigate on tablets and smartphones
  • Slideshow galleries on product pages. (swipeable on mobile devices)
  • Social share buttons on all product pages (tweet, share and pin with ease)
  • Drop-down menus for artist categories, pages, and product types
  • Customizable, quickly-uploaded background and accent images

Check out the Fuzzco shop to see Snakebite in action, or hop in your admin and give it a spin yourself.

Dan Christofferson

One half of Young Jerks, former Community Director at Big Cartel.

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