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New Skillshare Class: Build an Online Shop

We’ve partnered with our friends at Skillshare on a series of free classes specifically for artists, makers, and creatives working hard to sell their goods online. In the first class, Kate Miss takes her experience customizing shops for numerous artists and breaks it into simple, useful tips for designing, launching, and promoting your own custom shop.

Kate is an independent designer who works with artists all around the world to create successful online stores. She also runs two beautiful online stores: Kate Miss Jewelry and Kate Miss Prints. In this 40-minute class, Kate walks you through the basics of the admin, finding the right design, and creating a custom store designed to match your brand. Perfect for store owners just starting out, this first class is also full of tips for experienced stores ready to restock and refresh their online shop.

Oh yeah, and check this out: Skillshare has countless classes that are useful to the Big Cartel crowd, so dig through their offerings and find something you’ve always wanted to learn. If you’d like to sign up for a premium membership, use discount code BIGCARTEL to get two months of unlimited access to all classes for just 99 cents. Read more details about how a Skillshare membership works when you sign up.