Go get 'em. By Big Cartel.

New Big Cartel Merch in the Shop

We’re very excited to announce a brand new line of products for the Big Cartel shop, not to mention a complete refresh of the photography and the shop itself.

As we started working on a new collection, we were inspired by the many late nights we know you spend refining your craft. Those late nights can often feel a bit dark and even rebellious, running against the current of the rest of society. We know how tiring and lonely that can be, but we also know it’s absolutely worth it.

This idea inspired every aspect of the new shop: from the products themselves, to the photoshoot and styling of the products.

This image of hundreds of thousands of independent shop owners working away sparked the idea for the United Artists Union. While it might not be an actual union, it’s an army of individuals brought together by their need to create. This collection of products is a uniform of sorts, a reminder that even when you’re working alone in your studio, you’re part of something bigger.

Join the United Artists Union today.

Our friends and followers on Instagram have gotten a few glimpses of what we’ve been working on. Make sure and follow us for early glimpses and behind-the-scenes photos of upcoming projects.

A special thanks to designers Erik Marinovich, Curtis Jinkins, and Eight Hour Day for helping put all of this together, and to photographer Steven Stone for making it all look pretty darn cool.