Navigating Your Orders

It's been a couple of months now since we launched our new orders admin and your input has been awesome. Mixed in with the high-fives was a deep longing for the apparently beloved "next and back arrows" from our current admin. Well, ask and you shall receive.

Today we're happy to announce the arrows are back, along with the hot key shortcuts, and a few other improvements we think you'll enjoy.

Viewing the next and previous order

Orders Arrows

By popular demand, you can now click to view the next and previous order in your list. Of course, our team went a step further, and unlike our current admin, the next and previous orders are now relative to whatever filtering or searching got you there. So now, if you were just looking at shipped orders, or had just searched for orders matching a specific customer email, the next and previous orders remember that.

Using the arrow hot keys

Orders Keys

For you power users out there, you'll no longer need to take your hand off the comfy keyboard, and can once again use the ← and → arrow keys to switch orders. Combined with the overall speed boost our team has made, this is a crazy fast way to cruise through orders. Try it! Seeing how nice this was led us to adding hot keys to the order list pages as well. Tell your lonely mouse we're sorry.

Returning to where you came from

Orders Done

And finally, when you're looking at a giant list of orders, and click to view the one you care about, we needed a better way to return to the list when you're done. Sure you could use the browser's back button, like an animal, but it's way up there and you're looking way down here. So we now have a simple Done button at the bottom of each order that will take you back exactly where you were in the list. It's better.