Go get 'em. By Big Cartel.

Meet Our New Logo

Some of you may have noticed a new addition to our logo floating around lately.

From the dawn of Big Cartel, we’ve wanted a symbol to accompany our lonely little wordmark. Now that we’ve come up with one, we thought the two of you should meet. Logo, say hello to everyone. Everyone, meet our new logo.

When coming up with the name Big Cartel, we liked the idea of an army of individual artists coming together for the benefit of all - a creative revolution of sorts. As we started exploring ideas for this new symbol, we kept that idea in mind, sketching up various military symbols, hands, monograms, and the occasional sly pack animal.

After roughly a bajillion sketches, we started to gravitate toward the image of an arrow, specifically the feathery bit on the end called the fletching. The fletching is the device that helps stabilize an arrow and keeps it pointed in the right direction: you aim and fire, and it’ll help steer you to your target. The more we went down that road, the more connection we felt to both the meanings and the look of the fletching.

We’re excited to get this mark out there and you’ll notice it popping up in more and more places. To us, it stands as a symbol for something we’re very proud of: giving artists the tools they need to make money doing what they love.