A Look at Maryanne Moodie’s Weaving Class

We recently hosted Maryanne Moodie on one sunny Saturday for a day of weaving. Here are a few of our favorite pictures from the workshops, where 23 students met up at our Salt Lake City headquarters.

Weaving workshop group

Originally from Australia, Maryanne now lives in Brooklyn, New York. She’s a talented fiber artist and creates coveted wall hangings. She also devotes much of her time to sharing her love of weaving - she teaches frequent classes all across the country and sells supplies to those who are just starting out.

Weaving workshop

When she made the trip to the mountains of Utah to teach two workshops, Maryanne got more than a few locals hooked on weaving. Her friendly and warm personality made the day easy and fun. Some students travelled for several hours to attend, and Maryanne knew how to make the whole process less intimidating. She helps beginners find the right tools and supplies, teaches several stitches and tricks, and even talked about color theory and incorporating unusual materials.

Weaving workshop wall Weaving workshop yarn Weaving workshop class

Thanks to Maryanne and all the attendees who joined us at Big Cartel HQ for a memorable day! We love being surrounded by our creative community, both near and far. You can follow Maryanne on Instagram and stay up-to-date with all Big Cartel events here.

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