Keeping Tabs on Orders

UPDATE: great news folks, the new orders admin is live!

How about another look into our upcoming new admin, this time digging deeper into the details of your orders. One of the most important parts of running an efficient shop is a solid order fulfillment process, and we've got some new features here to help you handle all of the information and curveballs that are thrown your way.

Updating customer details

Updating Customer Details

Did you just get an email from the guy that ordered your last tee saying he entered the wrong zip code at checkout? Or from the lady that bought your cool tote bag who forgot to mention her apartment number? No problem, fix it for them!

Note to self

New Private Notes

Want to remember to include a special sticker pack in a returning customer's order? Need to remember that you exchanged a hoodie for a different size? Well put down the Post-its, you can now leave yourself private notes on each order.

Order activity

New Order Activity

With all that goes into receiving, managing, and fulfilling an order, wouldn't it be nice to see a full history of when it was received, when you shipped it, what changes you've made, and all of the notes you've added? Yes. Yes it would.