Tired hands, quiet minds. By Big Cartel.

Introducing Seamless Checkout

We’re thrilled to announce Seamless Checkout is now available. This is something we’ve been working on for a long time, trying to get it just right for you.

After mountains of research and design iterations, we think we’ve built the best new checkout system around (we might be biased). Our new Seamless Checkout offers a number of improvements over our existing PayPal checkout, here are just a few:

  • Direct credit card payments – there’s no need for your customers to sign up for anything, they can simply pay with a credit card.
  • Lightning fast – our elegant single-page design and instant payment processing significantly cut down on checkout times.
  • No off-site redirect – with Stripe, your customers remain on Big Cartel the entire time, giving us full control over the experience.
  • Beautiful receipt page – an order confirmation page that reviews what was purchased, that your customer can come back to at any time.
  • Better for high volume sales – no back-and-forth with PayPal means inventory reserve and overselling are history.
  • Fewer headaches, more awesome – no more pending e-Check payments, IPN delays, or attempts to spoof orders.

Overall this should offer a quicker and more enjoyable buying experience for your customers, leading to higher conversion rates and less hassle for you.

Truly seamless

Our top priority with our new checkout was to have it fit in flawlessly with your store. Based on your store’s theme, images, fonts, and colors, we’re able to adapt the payment and receipt pages to match exactly.

It also works great on any type of desktop, tablet, or mobile device. So no matter where your customers shop from, they’ll always feel like they’re in your store.

Powered by Stripe

We’ve partnered with the folks at Stripe to make it simple and affordable (same as PayPal) for you to start processing credit cards. Forget the hassle of merchant accounts, payment gateways, and PCI compliance - with a couple of clicks, and some brief info about your business, you’ll be off and running.

Stripe is currently available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The’re also in beta in Belgium, France, Ireland, and the Netherlands. They’re expanding to other countries quickly, so sign up to be notified when they come to your home town.

PayPal support isn’t going away. Our existing PayPal Payments Standard checkout will still work if you’d prefer to use that, or if Stripe isn’t available to you.

This is a big change and you’re really going to love it. On behalf of our tiny Big Cartel team who is working so hard, we thank you for setting up shop with us.