Introducing Phillip Stephen

It’s time to meet Phillip Stephen, the newest addition to the Big Cartel crew! Phillip brings years of experience and knowledge to our team, where he’ll be building and maintaining the systems that help Big Cartel run smoothly.

Growing up, Phillip was the type of kid who’d take apart remote control cars and try to build new things with all the different pieces. He stayed involved with tech and computer clubs throughout his youth. In his teenage years, when he was most interested in taking a music class, he had to take a Network Engineering course instead, which eventually led to him snagging a job as a Junior Network Admin for a couple years.

Phillip went to college at Virginia Tech, and although he was interested in technology, he didn’t necessarily see himself working in it. He studied a bit of everything and graduated with degrees in Philosophy and History. After that he planned to study law. While prepping for the LSAT, he landed a job as a Server Admin that he couldn’t turn down and, well, the rest is history - he’s been working in the industry ever since.

In 2013, he and few friends started STEMLY, a non-profit organization advocating for high-quality STEM education. Still going strong, they’re up to some big things now. In his downtime you can find Phillip geeking out over cars (mechanics and design) or chilling with his girlfriend at home in Washington, D.C.

Welcome Phillip, we’re psyched to have you!

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