Introducing Our New Help Area

To go along with the official launch of our new admin, we’re so excited to unveil a brand new Big Cartel help area.

This isn’t just a fresh coat of paint, it’s is a total rebuild from the ground up - from the structure of topics, to new focused articles, to the random gifs sprinkled throughout. Here’s what you can expect!

Refreshed design and content

Help Topics

In addition to a nice new look, we’ve also organized everything into main topics. Articles are now written around what you’re trying to do, making it easier to find what you’re looking for and learn how to do it.

Recommended Reading

We’ve geared things around our top support questions, and called-out “hot topics” with a handy 🔥 icon. Each page also links to related articles, where you can learn more about a topic, and go in-depth with a relevant post on Workshop, our blog.

Easy answers

Easy Answers

Search at the top of any page to quickly find info by keyword, and if you’re still stuck, there’s always an option to contact us. Plus, if you’re logged in to your store admin already, the contact link will open our in-app messenger to reach our support team.

Device-specific instructions


One of the best new features of the help area is device-specific, step-by-step instructions. Whether you’re using a desktop computer, a mobile browser, or the Big Cartel app, we’ll only show you the steps you need so you can get back to business.

Better developer documentation


Our new developers site is the perfect home for anyone looking to integrate their app or service with Big Cartel, or build a completely custom theme for themselves or a client. Learn how to use our APIs to create tools for artists of the future.

Our new help and developer areas will grow and adapt along with us, and we’ll be tailoring them to what you want to learn - so holler if you have any ideas for us!

Rachel Gollay

Operations Director at Big Cartel. Music maker, challah baker, chicken herder.

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