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Introducing Notes at Checkout

We’re very excited to announce an update to our checkout process: Notes at Checkout. Shoppers can now leave a helpful note when placing an order in your shop. Whether it’s a specific product customization, detailed shipping instructions, or just a supportive hello, fans now have a very clear way to communicate with store owners with every order. Notes are included with orders right in your admin, print to packing slips, and even import automatically from orders placed through PayPal!

Feel free to let your loyal customers know that notes are already available when checking out in your store, and are a great way to communicate little details to make their experience better.

So what do I need to do?

Nothing! The new notes feature is already added to the end of the Seamless Checkout experience, after the shopper fills in their information. (Really, head to your store now, add something to the cart, and check it out!)

For shops using PayPal at checkout, we’ve simply pulled the existing PayPal notes to seller and added them to orders in your admin. That’s already in place as well, we’ve even pulled the notes from all your previous PayPal orders. Enjoy!