Introducing Max Spransy

Announcing another new addition to our team - Max Spransy! Max brings his programming skills to Big Cartel’s dev team, where he’s sure to whip up something amazing for our users.

Max was born and raised in a little town in Wisconsin, where he was homeschooled and encouraged to explore his interests at a young age. With a dad who was a software developer and musician, Max threw himself whole-heartedly into programming and electronic music while he was in high school, and he hasn’t looked back. He began teaching himself the C programming language, and asking his dad for help when he had questions, then moved on to learn Ruby, as well. When Max eventually relocated to Kansas City, Missouri, he continued to develop his web coding skills and started creating music on a more consistent basis. After years of freelance web projects, working for a startup and for an online retailer, he’s just joined us here at Big Cartel.

When he’s not busy with dev stuff, he’s likely making music in some form or another. He’s most passionate about electronic music, but he’s known to get a little folksy now and then, too. Max recently scored a documentary on Bipolar disorder and is currently working on a full-length album. Between all the music-making and his two pups, Scout and Don Cornelius, the man keeps himself busy doing all the things that he loves.

Vanessa Wardy

Marketing at Big Cartel. Easily amused. Endlessly curious. Likes most things. Heart on sleeve.

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