Introducing Mary Toscano

When we met Mary, we immediately knew what we had to do. And just like that, she’s now the newest member of our support team.

Mary was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and has been making stuff with her hands her entire life. Her first love was drawing. From there she branched into photography, printmaking, letterpress, bookbinding, quilting, and just about every medium you can imagine. She studied printmaking and photography in college and went on to work at the Book Art Program at the University of Utah for many years. While there she helped students understand technical processes and the conceptual parts of their projects. Growing as a teacher she discovered the beauty of helping folks feel capable and empowered to make things.

She’s also worked as an assistant to a local SLC artist, as well as assisted many customers (including myself) at a handmade frame shop. You might be thinking, “This Mary, she sounds like a dabbler.” And you’d be right. At any given time, she has five personal projects going. There’s Bison Bison Candy Shop, a collaborative online shop she and her husband built together. There’s the installation she’s working on for the closet in her hallway (yep, you read that right). There’s all the quilts she’s been making. And there’s the artist collective she’s part of that’s getting ready to release their first magazine. Oh, and when she’s not working on all that, she’s drawing incredible drawings.

Mary’s passion to create and helping others to create is undeniable and makes her the perfect woman for this job. Welcome, Mary!

Vanessa Wardy

Marketing at Big Cartel. Easily amused. Endlessly curious. Likes most things. Heart on sleeve.

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