Introducing List Views for Orders, Products, and Discounts

Filed under “Little Things That Make a Big Difference,” comes an often-requested new way to view your orders, products, and discounts inside your admin.

orders list

In addition to our default “card view,” which focuses on giving you a more detailed and visual look at each item, we now offer a simplified “list view,” to make it easier to scan multiple items at once. This new feature is especially useful for shops handling a higher volume of sales.

products list

When you switch between card and list views, we’ll remember it for the next time you visit, so you won’t need to change again. We’ll also use your preferred view for search results, and both views pair perfectly with our “inventory view” for products. Give it a try in your admin now!

Matt Wigham

Co-founder of Big Cartel, musician, and film producer who believes in the artist.

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